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wakeunion windsor dooplek

Design for Dooplek

Produktion wakeunion schweissen kicker innen obstacles

HDPE Welding

wakeunion obstacles pipe 900

Pipe 499 Euro/meter

wakeunion windsor dooplek 2

James Windsor - Transferbox

wakeunion obstacles montage 900

Kicker L 3290 Euro

Kicker XL 3890 Euro

Pipe 499 Euro/meter

Rooftop 20m 9990 Euro

wakeunion setup wakepark

Upwavebox 8790 Euro

wakeunion LKW Unload obstacles 900

Shapes according to your Ideas


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wakeunion obstacles Kicker 900

Classic Kicker L 3290 Euro

Spine Kicker XL 7990 Euro

wakeunion obstacles installation Radlader 900

Installation Rooftop Box 20m

wakeunion obstacles installation Bagger 900

Installation of Box module

Produktion wakeunion schweissen kicker obstacles

HDPE Welding




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Do you have questions about our products? Following are the most frequently asked questions.

The surface of the obstacles is made from HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a thermal type of plastic. The plastic sheets are connected by extrusion welding. Because all the sheets we use are made from the same material (HDPE), there is only minimal risk for the obstacle surface to be damaged by temperature or solar radiation. Our gliding surface is long lasting with best riding characteristics and of course UV-resistant. To ensure the quality of our UV-resistant plastic sheets we purchase them from the german family company Ben Kunststoffe at Gomaringen. To reduce the amount of transitions between the sheets to the minimum, we use sheet measurements of 6x2 meters.

Our obstacles are three-dimensional bodies constructed from HDPE-sheets. The sheets are cut using 5-axis-CNC-water jet cutting with a accuracy of 0.2mm. This makes it possible to cut any shape perfectly. After being cut the sheets are temporarily joined together in the right position and then extrusion welded to stay connected permanently.
Inside the obstacle we use a construction from HDPE-sheets to stiffen and stabilize the body.
At special impact points, like the on-ramp, we use additional reinforcements to guarantee a long durability. As floating material we use high quality XPS-sheets, that are fixed by the HDPE-sheet construction inside the obstacle.

No visible screws are placed on the surface of our obstacles. The sheets are permanently thermally connected with each other. To minimize the point load and the risk of injuries caused by a crash, we optionally construct your obstacle using safety profiles.

The most important thing for a wakepark is the attractiveness and sensible arrangement of the obstacles. We will help you to analyze the current situation at your wakepark and will advise you in terms of finding the right obstacle for you that matches your target group. For that we consider the factors: cableway layout, size of your lake, existing anchorage, current obstacle setup and sensible expansion alternatives. If you want advice send us the link to your wakeparks Facebook page and we will analyze your setup using pictures and videos of your wakepark.

You want your wakepark to stand out from the crowd and stay unique?
We are your perfect partner! Our production processes using 100% CNC cutting offer lots of possibilities!
We will model your desired obstacle according to your ideas and advise you about further options

The type of anchoring and selection of the anchoring materials is decisive for a proper and permanent fastening of the obstacles. On request, we will supply you with all the fixing materials and help you to choose the anchors correctly. For a meaningful anchorage concept if your water level changes a lot and if you’ve got long wind swept lengths at your wakepark, get in touch with us. The detailed calculation of the anchors is not included in the price of the obstacles and includes an analysis of the situation at your wakepark in terms of wind and waves.

The delivery times depend on the current order situation. At the moment you have to expect a delivery time of about 4 to 6 months.

Because we produce our obstacles ourselves, we are able to fix other companies obstacles as well. Obstacles are damaged because of changes in the water level quite often.

There are two options for you to get your obstacles fixed:
A. You send your obstacle to our workshop and we fix it for you before sending it back.
B. We’re coming over to your wakepark and fix the obstacle right at your spot with you. The costs are 480€/person/day plus material plus travel.

We will deliver the modules for your obstacle to your wakepark via freight. For the delivery date you’ll need to provide a forklift that is able to be driven at your site as well as a spot where we/you can unload the truck. The obstacle modules are lifted into the water by forklift and secured against drifting. In the water the obstacle modules are permanently connected by screws inside of the obstacle. After connecting and a visual inspection of all connections, the obstacle can be anchored in your lake. If you have any questions about the anchorage, get in touch.

We would be delighted to welcome you to one of the wakeparks that we have delivered obstacles to. Send us a message with your location so we can let you know where the nearest one is located.

This strongly depends on your local conditions. There are no problems with calm waters. For larger lakes with strong ice, we recommend you to pull the obstacles out of the water before winter begins. However, by protecting the obstacles from the forces of nature, you will have more fun and thy will last longer.

The warranty covers normal use, specifically the use of the obstacles by water sports enthusiasts in calm waters.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by wakeboard fins as well as damages caused by strong ice, high offshore conditions and storms.

Target group

Who should ride your new obstacle?



Motivated young riders or adults who just started riding obstacles is who we call Rookie.



Riders who are practicing their first spins on obstacles are the ones who the so called “inter” obstacles are for. Some of them have an on-ramp which is slightly raised, so the rider needs to lift the nose of the wakeboard to ride the obstacle.



Pro obstacles are perfect for riders who do their first flips. Some of them do not have an on-ramp which makes them too dangerous to ride for Intermediate or Rookie riders.




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