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Waves at Wakeparks

Waves are not welcome at any wake park, so we have developed a natural and sustainable wave damper for you with our partner Ökon Vegetationstechnik, which reduces the waves in your waters and helps to preserve the ecological balance. The result of this development are the REED - ISLANDS. A natural wavebreaker with positive ecological properties.


Modern analysis

We´re documenting your lake using our drone, finding helpful solutions concerning wave damping and water purification.

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We´re investigating the movement of the waves in your lake and will find solutions to calm down the water at your wakepark, using the data we gained.

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Shore documentation

The shoreline is as important as the wave damping in the middle of the lake when it comes to the level of reflection of the waves. To figure out, what works for your lake, we´ll investigate your shoreline and will find solutions for you, using the data we gained.


Features Reed Islands

The development of waves on a wakeboard structure is decisively influenced by two components: the wind and the riders. After a few minutes, an undamped, chaotic wave image is created by the riders, which shows itself through a rocky water surface with a disturbing wave movement in the driving area. The Reed Islands dampen this wave movement by using the mass inertia. When waves enter, the Reed Islands absorb the wave energy. By raising and lowering the islands, the wave energy is absorbed and attenuated. The wave damping is strengthened by the reed plants at the water surface. Under the water surface, the distinct roots absorb the waves.

Windwaves and their height depends on the wind sweep length and the wind force. With an installation of the Reed islands, the lake is subdivided into individual areas, thus reducing the length of the wind sweep. Depending on the water orientation and prevailing wind conditions, a very good wave prevention can be achieved. The waves generated by the water sportsmen are dependent on many parameters. To be mentioned here are the number of water sportsmen, individual route, type of water sports equipment and the weight of the respective riders. The generated waves of the water sportsmen runs towards the lake. They meet the generated waves of the other water sportsmen there. In the sea, wave effects such as interferences and reflections are created in all directions, which cause the body of water to swell. After an installation of the Reed Islands in the cableway center, the wave interactions of the different driving areas are intercepted and thus weakened. This leads to a calm sea surface with improved properties for the water sportsmen.

Standing waters represent a complex habitat for animals, micro-organisms and plants in Europe. A large number of people that are spending time on a body of water have an impact on the ecological balance. The Reed Islands bring a piece of natural habitat back into your waters. New biocenoses are created both in the root area under water and in plant growth over water. The installation of the Reed Islands is not only ecologically harmless, but also promotes the positive development of a natural habitat for microorganisms, plants and animals by integrating plants in your water body, as well as under water.

In the case of standing waters without an inlet, nutrients accumulate. Nutrients are phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, for example leaves that fall into the lake or a large number of people who bathe in your waters. The accumulation of nutrients in the body of water can increase over the years, especially in excavated lakes, where the natural balance is not yet fully developed. If there are too many nutrients in the water, it can lead to the formation of algae. Through the Reed Islands, some of these nutrients are absorbed and broken down.

The Reed Islands calm the water body and reduce the average wave height in the waters. Through this feature of the islands, the edge of the shore and the shore vegetation are less stressed.If you already have erosion problems in the waterfront, we can advise you on this topic individually.

Advantages: Reed Islands

  • Calmed down water surface – better riding for your wakepark
  • Completely overgrown with plants and rooted for the maximum wave damping on the surface as well as under water
  • Creating a habitat to support the natural cleansing ability of your lake
  • An additional benefit in terms of aesthetics, achieved through plants on the entire islands
  • Quick installation – click connection – plants growing on bodies made from coconut mats
  • Easy installation – no need for machines
  • Individual arrangement according to the shape of your cable.
  • Compensating area/protected area for microorganisms and animals
  • Positive impact on water quality and the whole ecosystem

Lukas Profil wakeunion

Lukas Dufner (M.Sc.)

Environmental Engineer

Michael Schleier wakeunion 1000x1000

Michael Schleier (B.Eng) 

Mechatronic Engineer


You have questions about our products? Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Yes, our plants are winter hardy. Our plants are adapted to the Mediterranean vegetation zone and grow again after the winter.

For the planting of the islands, we use winter hardy, resistant reeds with a plant height of between 50 and 80 centimeters.

The plants are pre-cultivated on coconut beds and are delivered by freight forwarder throughout Europe.

The islands are modular and can be moved and assembled without a construction machine. The grid structure is assembled on site and fitted with the pre-cultivated coconut mats. The next step is to arrange anchors with ropes in the lake according to our layout. Depending on the application, the islands are anchored using plastic or steel ropes.

The wave damping starts immediately after installation and will improve over the next years by the growth of the roots and plants.

The arrangement is always dependent on the conditions on site and must be adapted individually to the water body. It has been shown that a separation of the middle line, as on an artificial lake, significantly reduces the wave strain. In addition, the Reed Islands, in the form of individually arranged islands, can also limit wave - points (localized wave strain in front of obstacles). The possibilities of the application are broad and are only limited by the project budget. With an optimal arrangement of the reed islands, effects can be achieved which are close to the conditions in an artificial waters with a peninsula.

Alternating water levels are taken into account during planning. The Reed Islands can be installed with hanging ropes. However you have to ensure that the safety distances to the driving area of the water sportsmen is taken into consideration. According to the technical authorities, a safety distance of 20 m to the circulating rope has proven to be the minimum safety distance. For this, we refer to the technical design of your cableway and the therein safety zones defined.

No, the islands have been designed as natural habitats and wave dampers and can not be used as a floating dock. For floating piers/walkways send us a request.

For more than 10 years, the Reed Islands have been used in European waters to limit the movement of waves and as a natural habitat. With the cooperation between our partners Ökon Vegetationstechnik and wakeunion, we have developed an innovative, natural product for you which redefined the standard of wave damping on wakeboard systems. Thanks to our partner Ökon we have 30 years of experience in vegetation engineering and water engineering. More information about Ökon Vegetationstechnik.

No. Optionally, we can also deliver the anchors.It has been shown that it is not economical to ship anchor weights by freight forwarding, as these can often be produced easily on site. If you have any questions on how to dimension the anchor weights, please contact us.

Optionally you can order the anchoring ropes at interesting conditions through us. Send a request for prices.

Yes, the structure is salt water resistant. We use special plants for salt water use.


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