We are happy to support you with the installation of your FullSizeCable or your linear cable. We are also at your side as a competent partner when setting the anchors and obstacles. Many years of international experience in professional commissioning and project implementation distinguish us and pay off for you with a correct, safe and timely construction of your system.


Regular and professional inspection and maintenance of the cable is essential to limit operational disruptions. We assess the condition of your system and carry out the necessary maintenance work. We are also happy to convert cableways, such as moving towers or raising the circulating cable.


Well-trained employees are the basis of safe and profitable wakepark operations. We train your team in the operation of the cableway in order to recognize dangerous situations and solve them with confidence, to carry out maintenance on the system and to rectify operational disruptions. Further training contents include teaching customers in daily operations and the sensible arrangement of obstacles.

We'll help you train your team

Training of employees in machine technology and operational processes

Event support

Have you planned a sports, water sports or wakeboarding event and need support?
Then with wakeunion you will find the perfect partner for your sporting event. We help you plan and implement your project. Our project managers and engineers will be happy to help you plan and implement your project.

We take over for you:

  • Earthworks with XXL construction machines

  • Rental of cableway, winch and operating personnel

  • Rental of linear cableway and features for your event

  • Calculation of flight paths and lines

  • Production of custom obstacles and natural obstacles

  • Sporty support for your event

  • Test riders - stuntman

  • Rent rider / stuntman from us

  • Course construction and planning

  • Feasibility advice


    In order to operate your wakepark successfully in the long term, careful planning is the most important basis. We are happy to support you in measuring your lake. The creation of a cableway layout that is ideal for you and adapted to the local conditions, taking into account safety distances and changing water levels, is also part of our range of services. We are happy to help you with the planning of the static design of the ropes and anchors.


    Do you have any questions about our services?

    experience pays off

    We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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