• wakeskate edge

  • each module can be used as standalone

  • Full HDPE

  • XPS Core and XPS Floater 

  • Maintenance connection with access hole

"Four seperate Features."

"all stand alone but can also be hacked in many different ways."

Pole Jam

Incline Rail

L 6 x W 0,5 x H 1m

Straight Rail

L 6 x W 0,5 x H 0,7m


L 1,7 x W 4 x H 0,5m

...Say goodbye to frustrating slips and hello to flawless rides!

With it’s never-before-seen shape...

Leo’s straight and Incline rails have been meticulously crafted to provide the perfect lock-in experience, ensuring that riders can perform tricks with precision and ease.

 - 30% 

📍  second hand, France, Toulouse

  • Bump

  • Pole Jam

  • 2x Straight Rail

  • Incline Rail

Leo’s Full Set

L 12 x W 5 x H 0,9m

Buy 19500€
*DEAL 13700€ 

single modul - 20% 

Leo’s Incline rail

L 6 x W 0,75 x H 0,75m

Buy 3900€
*Deal 3120€

Leo’s straight rail

L 6 x W 0,5 x H 0,7m

Buy 4200€
*DEAL 3360€

Leo’s Bump

L 4 x W 1,7 x H 0,5m

Buy 5900€
*DEAL 4720€

Leo’s Pole Jam A

L ? x W 0,2 x H 0,2m

Buy 1900€
*DEAL 1520€

Leo’s Pole Jam B

L ? x W 0,2 x H 0,2m

Buy 1900€
*DEAL 1520€


"Rent one now and upgrade your park over the seasons."

Interview: Leo labadens thoughts

Whats special about the profile you choose for wakeskaters?

Adding up this special profile into the top of both rails really help us wakeskaters being more precise while locking in as well as giving more room for the nubs to go down when trying to pop out. 

Why Bump - Polejam - Straitrail - incline?

I truly think that this basic shapes combination will help any wakeskater, beginner or advanced, to feel comfy enough to try out new tricks or improve the ones they already got dialed in.

What about the colaburation with wakeunion

Being able to design an obstacle has always been a dream of mine, so working together with Wake Union being a human size company, made it it even dreamier.
It was easy to think and create this hand in hand cause the people behind this brand are riders as much as engineers.

Wakeskateweekend. tell us more?

The first idea was to create a non competitive, get together type event that will allow wakeskaters to reunite on different spots, making sure we get private sessions to enjoy some late water however your level and all that made possible a couple times a year.

It is now officially a non profit association that’s based toward pushing the sport by creating other types of event and also logistically and financially helping out our next generation of pros.

Who are you?

A 33 years old french grown up kid that had the dream of travelling the world, turning pro, meeting other wakeskaters and sharing on the way; I’m proud and happy to tell all of you that I made this dream my reality!

Wakeskateweekend. tell us more?

After 3 years organising I needed to fresh things up, so last year when Xavier ( Owner of La Source ), Pierre Atruz and my good homie Charly started talking about how to put together a cool wakeskate event I realised we had to bring back the Wakeskate Cup.

It was a contest held in Toulouse original cablepark right around the time I started wakeskating.

It included every details I liked about wakeskating, the friendship, the amazing jam format and most of my mentors. So it felt natural to pick up the name, use the same jam format and try to recreate that vibe using all of the tools we have access to nowadays to put together this one of a kind wakeskate event.

Whats the idea about the feature?

I really wanted to start with an obstacle that’s basic enough for everyone to enjoy as well as adding up my little touch by creating this special top profile that allows more precision, efficiency while learning and improving lock in tricks.

Leo’s Bump 

  • The obstacle for everybody

    Leo’s Bump provides an ideal starting point for beginners or riders who are still developing their wakeskating skills. With a small degree angle, this bump serves as an introduction to riding obstacles. It allows riders to practice basic manoeuvres and tricks in a controlled and less intimidating environment.
    With its four-meter width, Leo’s bump offers versatility in line choices.

  • Hack it like you want

    Leo’s Bump serves as a stepping-stone for progression in wakeskating. As riders become comfortable and proficient with the basic skills, you can gradually increase the difficulty by attaching our adapted pole jams or hacking it with our Lock-in special straight and incline rails.
    Leo’s bump can be incorporated into various set-ups and configurations. It can be used as a standalone feature or hacked to create more complex and diverse courses.

  • All-in-One Filming Solution

    Leo understands the importance of capturing the best moments on the water, which is why our Wakeskate Obstacle features a unique bump with a flat surface. Not only does it provide a stable platform for you to stand and film on, but it also incorporates rails and pole jams to add an extra layer of excitement to your footage. Get ready to create jaw-dropping videos that will leave your audience speechless!

Leo’s Incline Rail

With it’s unique Lock-in shape, Leo’s incline rail has been meticulously crafted to provide the perfect lock-in experience, ensuring that riders can perform tricks with precision and ease.
Incline obstacles are visually captivating, as they often lead to dynamic and exciting tricks. The combination of wakeskaters utilising the incline for launches, slides, or grinds.

  • Incline obstacles can serve as a progressive training tool for wakeskaters. Riders can start with basic approaches and tricks, gradually advancing to more complex tricks as they gain confidence and skill.

  • Hack it like you want

    The subtle incline encourages wakeskaters to focus on refining their technique. They can work on proper weight distribution, edge control, and body positioning to maintain stability and execute tricks with precision. It serves as a training tool for riders to fine-tune their skills and improve their overall performance.
    This obstacle offers the opportunity to explore creative lines and combinations. It’s placement within a wakepark setup contributes to the flow and progression of a rider's run, allowing them to navigate and integrate the incline with other obstacles.


    A never seen before, a unique innovation that pushes the limits. Made with passion and love.

    As a stand alone feature or part of the pack, Leo’s Incline is our favourite so far!

hack it like you want!
Leo’s Wakeskate feature is made up of four individual stand-alone obstacles offering a variety of possible set-ups around your wakepark or the opportunity
to create the craziest wakeskate feature you've ever seen.

Leo’s Straight Rail

With it’s unique Lock-in shape, Leo’s straight rails are designed to create an exceptional challenge. They provide a platform for riders to push themselves and expand their trick repertoire by being able to lock-in and gain more stability.

  • Wakeskaters can approach the rails from various angles and use them for different slides, grinds and tricks. They can ollie onto or off of the rail, slide along its surface, or perform tricks that involve launching off the rail whilst incorporating spins, flips, or grabs. The creative possibilities are extensive, allowing riders to showcase their style and innovation.

  • Hack it like you want

    Increase the challenge by connecting the two straight rail obstacles. This will create a longer and more complex feature for riders to navigate. Increasing the level of challenge and providing an opportunity for advanced riders to showcase their skills.
    The longer and more complex the rail setup, the more opportunities there are for riders to push their limits and learn new tricks. Joining the two rails together helps develop a smooth and continuous flow for riders. This enhances the overall feeling, aesthetic appeal and allows for the development of intricate and dynamic combinations. This versatility adds excitement and creativity to their runs.


    A never seen before, a unique innovation that pushes the limits. Made with passion and love.


The element of surprise and variety, a vertical rail, securely mounted to Leo’s Bump. This short incline rail sits on top of the bump and allows wakeskaters to “jam” their board against it or use it for various tricks whilst creating a sudden change in elevation and trajectory.

  • Pole Jams allow for a gradual progression, building confidence and skill along the way. It's important to note that riders should approach pole jams with caution and proper skill level. The combination of technical skill, risk-taking, and creativity makes this an exciting add on.

  • Hack it like you want

    The steeper angle of the pole jam rails allows wakeskaters to gain more airtime and height during their tricks. This opens up possibilities for aerial manoeuvres such as spins, flips, and grabs, adding excitement and spectacle to their ride.

    Pole jams present unique challenges that require wakeskaters to refine their balance, timing, and coordination. Riders need to precisely align their board with the pole, control their speed, and execute tricks with precision to avoid slips or falls. Mastering pole jams helps wakeskaters develop their technical skills and spatial awareness.

  • Only 15cms wide to be able to ride it board slide or 50/50 (same name in wakeskating? ).Our Pole jams come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for versatility in their design. Some pole jams may have angled surfaces, extensions, or additional features integrated into their structure, offering different options for riders to explore. This versatility encourages creativity and provides opportunities for unique lines and combinations.

We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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