Pre-cultivated plant mats are the ideal solution for rapid greening of the shoreline. They not only serve as erosion protection but also contribute to the renaturation of water bodies. Our reed mats, pre-planted coconut mats, are nature-inspired solutions also referred to as filter mats in natural water management.

The clear advantage is that the plants are already firmly integrated with the carrier material (coconut mat) upon delivery. The inner fibers of the coconut mat serve as both a carrier material and a rooting substrate for aquatic plants. The filter mats are available in dimensions of 1m x 5m.


  • Outer woven border for robust handling and quick anchoring.

  • Swift installation along the water's edge.

  • Full-surface vegetation.

The Premium Shoreline Protection for Your Waterbody


The plant mats are laid along the water's edge on the prepared slope and secured with wooden wedges. It is recommended to use 3–4 ground anchors per square meter, depending on the application site. The slope should be cleared of stones or roots to facilitate ground contact for planting. Installation can be carried out throughout the year, excluding frost periods. For water level fluctuations, autumn is the optimal time for planting.


During a vegetation period, plants have ample time to grow and develop. Through runner or rhizome formation, they gradually cover the entire surface of the mat. In autumn, a dense root felt forms, ensuring an ideal shoreline protection.


The selection of plant species aligns with the natural shoreline zoning at the installation site. Our reed mats offer various planting schemes that cater to site requirements – whether for sunny or semi-shaded areas, flowing or still waters, extended inundation periods, or a focus on attractively flowering or browse-resistant species.


Shading, in particular, plays a crucial role in the growth of various reed species. When planning an engineer-biological shoreline protection, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the plants.


  • Erosion control

  • Renaturation and greening

  • Attenuation of wave impact

  • Fortification of the shore zone

  • Water purification

  • Water Framework Directive


  • Material:

    100% coconut (natural fiber) + pre-cultivated plants

  • Width:


  • Length:


  • Coverage:

    100% of the subsoil

Where can reed mats be used?

Reed mats are preferably used on bodies of water with fluctuating water levels or in areas where the rapid establishment of a flat and powerfully developed reed bed is necessary to secure the bank.

What are reed mats?

Reed mats are pre-planted and pre-cultivated filter mats. They are offered in the dimensions 0.75 m × 5.00 m and 1.00 m × 5.00 m. The outer fabric edging allows robust handling and solid anchoring at the place of use. The inner fiber is the rooting substrate for the plants.

Sind die Pflanzen mit den Röhrichtmatten verwachsen?

Die Matten werden im Anzuchtbetrieb zu Beginn der Vegetationsperiode mit Pflanzen der Ufer- und Röhrichtzone (20 Stück  / m2) bepflanzt. Danach haben sie eine Vegetationsperiode lang Zeit, zu wachsen und sich zu entwickeln. Durch die Ausläufer- oder Rhizombildung bedecken sie nach und nach die gesamte Fläche der Matte. Im Herbst hat sich dann ein dichter Wurzelfilz unter den Matten gebildet.

Which plants are right for my body of water?

The choice of plant species is based on the natural bank zoning at the installation site. Reed mats are provided with different planting schemes. Their plantings are based on the location requirements z. B. for sunny or partially shaded areas, for flowing or standing water, long flooding times, the emphasis on attractively flowering species or the use of bite-resistant species.


Discover more about the versatile applications of our plant mats and design your waterbody ecologically sustainably!

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