Shore Protection with Coconut Rolls for Natural Water Conservation and Wakeparks

These flexible embankment rolls made of coconut fibers are specifically used in natural hydraulic engineering to ensure the stability of the shoreline. They offer an effective and environmentally friendly method of securing embankments, especially at wake parks.

Discover the sustainable solution for shoreline protection and slope stabilization

coconut rolls

Choose coconut rolls to ensure secure and ecological shore protection for your wakepark or water body. Contact us today to learn more about the diverse applications of our coconut fiber products.

Long-term Security and Environmental Awareness

With an impressive functional lifespan of 5 to 8 years, our coconut rolls offer a sustainable solution for shore protection. To secure the shoreline in the long term, we recommend additional potted plantings to create a harmonious connection of technology and nature.

Why Choose Coconut Rolls?

Natural Water Engineering

For an eco-friendly and sustainable shoreline design.

Flexible and Stable

The coconut fiber rolls adapt to contours while providing robust slope protection.

Filter Effect

The coconut rolls contribute to sediment filtration, improving water quality.

Long Functional Lifespan

Invest in long-term shore protection with a lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

Manufacturing Process

Our coconut rolls are created by pressing coconut fibers into a robust synthetic fiber net, a crucial step in our specialized manufacturing process. This combination of natural coconut fibers and modern synthetic fiber net creates a stable and filter-effective slope base protection that withstands the challenges in water engineering.


The installation of the anti-erosion rollers is quick and easy. The coconut rolls are delivered to the water by a forwarding agency, brought into position and fixed with wooden anchors, usually with a length of 60 cm to 1 m at the edge of the water. The posts are to be attached at a distance of approx. 0.8 meters.


  • Material:

    100% coconut (natural fiber)

  • Sheathing:

    Balsat net or synthetic fiber net

  • Diameter:

    30 cm

  • Length:

    3 m

  • Weight:

    24 kg / roller

  • Application:

    natural erosion protection, bank protection, bank reinforcement

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Coconut rolls

Bank reinforcement for wakepark / water

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