Coconut rolls

Coconut rolls

Bank reinforcement for wakepark / water

Coconut rollers are used in near-natural hydraulic engineering to stabilize the shoreline. At the wakepark, the flexible rollers can be used to secure embankments. The coconut rollers form a stable and effective filtering foot protection.

During the production of the coconut rolls, the coconut fiber is pressed into a synthetic fiber net. This happens in the manufacturing process. The functional life of coconut rollers is 5 - 8 years. For permanent protection of the bank edge, we recommend planting pot balls.

The bank protection for your wakepark


The installation of the anti-erosion rollers is quick and easy. The coconut rolls are delivered to the water by a forwarding agency, brought into position and fixed with wooden anchors, usually with a length of 60 cm to 1 m at the edge of the water. The posts are to be attached at a distance of approx. 0.8 meters.


  • Material:

    100% coconut (natural fiber)

  • Sheathing:

    Balsat net or synthetic fiber net

  • Diameter:

    30 cm

  • Length:

    3 m

  • Weight:

    24 kg / roller

  • Application:

    natural erosion protection, bank protection, bank reinforcement

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