We are happy to support you with your project

We are happy to support you with the installation of your full-size cable or your linear cable car like little Bro or System 2.0. We are also at your side as a competent partner when setting the anchors and obstacles. Many years of international experience in professional commissioning and project implementation distinguish us and pay off for you with a correct, safe and timely construction of your water ski facility.

Do you need help with the installation?


Do you need support with the installation of your cableway at the wakepark?

We install and assemble your cableway for you.
Whether System 2.0, Little Bro or FullSizeCable, we will find a suitable solution to install your wakeboard system professionally and smartly.


Are you unsure which anchors are best for your wakepark?

We advise you on options for anchoring and, if necessary, deliver all the materials to properly install your land anchors or water anchors. Whether ground anchors, pylon anchors or water anchors, we will find the right solution. We are also happy to design the entire anchoring of your cableway for you according to Eurocode and take over the production of your steel parts and install the anchors for you.

We are also support you in anchoring other floating structures, such as floating solar systems. Here, our modular water anchors can be used on the bottom of your lake for your solar island. We also offer anchoring solutions for the shore zone, as well as for extreme water depths of up to 40 meters, which are helpful for many photovoltaic systems. Anchors up to 30 tons can be implemented for your project with our anchoring solutions.

Features / floating dock

Do you need support with the installation of your floating structures?

We would be happy to advise you on the professional installation of your floating modules.

How big does a water anchor have to be?
What is the subsoil of your body of water?
Do you want to design your obstacle setup modularly?
What wave and wind load does your location have?
Changing water levels?
What is a sensible and target group-oriented positioning of the features?
Many questions that have to be clarified before the start of the project.
In addition, we support you in the selection of anchors and anchor ropes and are happy to take over the installation for you.

We install your cableski, anchors and floating structures

We would be happy to advise you

We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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