Coconut mats cover the ground completely, preventing soil erosion and providing unbeatable filtering function!

Coconut mats are also known as filter mats in near-natural hydraulic engineering. In contrast to coconut fabric, the coconut mats cover the entire surface or the edge of the bank. Washing and rinsing of the topsoil can largely be prevented by the natural fibers.

Coconut mats for bank protection consist of the dense fabric of the coconut fiber inside the mat with a covering of coconut fabric. For permanent bank protection and attachment of the bank edge, we also recommend planting with pot balls. Here, the coconut mats can serve as a carrier material.

Coconut/Filter mats

🌊🌿Filter mats are the ultimate temporary erosion protection for moderate towing tensions!
🛡️ Over 2-5 years, they offer effective filtering protection for the shoreline. Ideal in combination with reed pot balls.


Coconut mats are almost as easy to install as coconut fibric.

Securing them?
Easy with wire clips or wooden stakes!
We recommend 3 to 5 ground anchors per m2, depending on the location. When laying several lengths of coconut fabric, we recommend an overlap of 10 to 20 cm in the direction of the lay of the waves.


  • Material:

    100% coconut (natural fiber)

  • Width:

    0.5m or 0.75m or 1m

  • Roll length:

    5 m

  • Coverage:

    full coverage of the subsoil

  • Weight:

    approx. 1500g/m²

  • Application:

    natural erosion protection, bank protection, bank reinforcement

Coconut filter mats, also known as coconut husk filter mats or coconut fiber filter mats, are utilized in various applications, particularly in erosion control and soil stabilization.

Here are some areas of application:

Shoreline Protection

These mats are often employed to safeguard shorelines from erosion at bodies of water, providing temporary protection against soil runoff, especially under moderate towing tensions.

Gardening and Landscaping

In gardening and landscaping, they serve as an effective barrier against soil erosion, protecting embankments, and promoting soil stability.


Farmers use these mats, also known as coconut shore protection mats or coconut fiber shield mats, to shield soil in agricultural areas from erosion, particularly in hilly terrain or areas with increased water movement.


In wake parks, where water sports activities like wakeboarding take place, these mats, also referred to as water body protection mats or eco-friendly erosion protection mats, can help protect shoreline areas while maintaining a natural environment.

Water Body Restoration

In projects aimed at restoring water bodies, coconut filter mats, also known as ecological ground mats or water body protection mats, are frequently used to encourage the growth of plants such as reeds while protecting shorelines from erosion.

Ecological Projects

In ecological projects, these mats provide a stable foundation for plant growth, protect natural habitats, and are also employed as water body protection mats.

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