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Discover an innovative solution for nature conservation: Our floating islands create a vibrant habitat for waterfowl, fish, and other aquatic organisms. These sustainable platforms improve water quality, foster biodiversity, and contribute to the ecological enhancement of water bodies. Learn how we make a positive impact on the environment through the integration of natural compensatory areas while creating aesthetically pleasing water landscapes.



Natural floating islands serve as natural filters, absorbing nutrients and improving water quality through the growth of aquatic plants.


The integration of fully planted floating islands promotes biodiversity by creating habitats for various animals, birds, fish, and insects.


In nature reserves, floating islands can help protect fragile ecosystems and support protected species by providing habitat.


Floating islands offer an aesthetically pleasing way to beautify and green urban water bodies while promoting ecological sustainability.


As a compensation measure, floating islands can help offset the impact on natural habitats and minimize the environmental effects of construction projects.


Used in ponds and lakes, floating islands support ecological balance, reduce algae growth, and promote the overall health of the water body.


Floating islands can serve as platforms for environmental research and education, providing a real, protected habitat for studies and training.


In the planning of water infrastructure projects, floating islands can be considered as a sustainable option for improving water quality and ecosystems.



The pre-cultivated plants quickly and reliably develop on our island structure. Through the natural growth of the plants, habitat is created for animals both above and below the water surface. The plants propagate on the islands, and water filtration increases with plant growth.

Promoting biodiversity in the water / wake park area

Our floating wave breakers provide your wake park with a simple and long-term solution to disruptive waves on the course


  • Calm Water Surface --- Better Riding for your Wake Park
  • Fully covered with plants and rooted for maximum wave attenuation above and below water
  • Creation of habitat to support the self-purification capacity of the water
  • Aesthetic enhancement through full plant coverage
  • Quick installation - click connection - plants on coconut fiber substrate
  • No construction machinery required for installation
  • Custom arrangement according to cable shape
  • Compensation area / protection area for organisms and animals
  • Positive impact on water quality and ecosystem

Features Reed Islands

The floating islands can be used in the following applications.

Wave damping

The creation of waves on a wakeboard facility is significantly influenced by two components: the wind and the water sports enthusiasts. Water sports enthusiasts alone create an undamped, chaotic wave pattern after a few minutes, which is shown by a rocked water surface with disturbing wave movement in the riding area. The Reed Islands dampen this wave movement by using inertia. When waves come in, the reed islands absorb the wave energy. By raising and lowering the islands, the wave energy is absorbed and weakened. The wave damping is increased on the surface of the water by the reed plants. The pronounced roots under the surface of the water absorb the waves.

Wave prevention

Wind waves and their height depend on the length of the wind stroke and the wind strength. With an installation of the reed islands, the lake will be divided into individual sections and thus the length of the wind blow will be shortened. Depending on the direction of the water and the prevailing wind conditions, very good wave prevention can be achieved. The waves that are generated by water sports enthusiasts depend on many parameters. The following should be mentioned at this point: number of water sports enthusiasts, individual route, type of water sports equipment and the weight of the respective driver. The waves generated by the water sports enthusiasts run towards the center of the lake. There they meet the waves generated by the other water sports enthusiasts. In the middle of the lake there are wave effects such as interference and reflections in all directions, which rock the water. After installing the reed islands in the middle of the cableway, the wave interactions between the various lanes are prevented and thus weakened. This leads to a calmed lake surface with improved properties for wakeboarders.


Standing waters in Europe represent a complex habitat for animals, microorganisms and plants. A high number of people who stay near a lake have an impact on the ecological balance. The Reed Islands bring a piece of natural habitat back into your waters. New biocenoses arise both in the root branches under water and in the vegetation above water. The installation of the Reed Islands is not only ecologically harmless, but also promotes the positive development of a natural habitat for microorganisms, plants and animals above and below water by integrating plants in your water.

Natural water purification

In standing water without an inflow, nutrients accumulate. Nutrients are phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, for example leaves that fall into the lake or a large number of people who swim in your water. The accumulation of nutrients in water can increase over the years, especially in quarry ponds where the natural balance is not yet fully developed. If there are too many nutrients in the water, the dreaded formation of algae can occur. Some of these nutrients are absorbed and broken down by the Reed Islands.

Bank protection

The Reed Islands calm the lake and reduce the average wave height in the water. This feature of the islands means that the bank edge and bank vegetation are less polluted.
If you already have erosion problems in the bank area, we can advise you individually on this topic.

Ausgleichsflächen für deinen Wakepark

Fully vegetated immediately after installation


Floating islands provide a safe refuge for fish, protecting them from birds of prey and other predators. This contributes to the preservation and enhancement of fish populations in water bodies, thereby improving the angling experience for members of angling clubs. The increased availability of fish near the floating islands can facilitate fishing and increase the chances of a successful catch.

Are the plants winter proof?

Yes, our plants are winter proof. Our plants are adapted to the Central European vegetation zone and sprout again after winter.

How are the islands delivered?

The plants are pre-cultivated on coconut mats and are delivered across Europe by carrier.

How are the islands installed?

The islands have a modular structure and can be moved and assembled without construction machinery. The lattice structure is put together on site and equipped with the precultivated coconut mats and connected.

The next step is to arrange anchors with ropes in the lake according to our layout.

The islands are anchored with plastic or steel cables, depending on the application.

When does wave damping start?

The wave attenuation starts immediately after installation and will be steadily improved over the next few years through the growth of roots and plants.

What plants are arranged on the islands?

For planting the islands, we use winter proof, resistant reeds with a plant height of between approx. 50 and 80 centimeters.

What is the best arrangement in the water?

The arrangement always depends on the conditions on site and must be individually adapted to the water. It has been shown that a separation of the center line, like on an artificial lake, significantly reduces the wave load.

In addition, with the reed islands, in the form of individually arranged islands, you can also limit wave indifference points (local wave load in front of obstacles). The possibilities of application are broad and are only limited by the project budget. With an optimal arrangement of the reed islands, effects can be achieved which come close to the conditions in an artificial lake with a central island.

How are the islands installed?

The islands have a modular structure and can be moved and assembled without construction machinery. The lattice structure is put together on site and equipped with the precultivated coconut mats and connected.

The next step is to arrange anchors with ropes in the lake according to our layout.

The islands are anchored with plastic or steel cables, depending on the application.

Are anchors and fixings included?

No. Optionally, we can also deliver the anchors and fastening materials to you. It has been shown that it is not economical to send anchor weights via carrier, as these can often easily be produced on site. If you have any questions about how to best dimension and produce the anchor weights, please contact us.

Are the Reed Islands suitable for fluctuating water levels?

Changing water levels are taken into account in the planning. The reed islands can be installed with slack ropes. However, it is important to ensure that the safety distances to the water sports enthusiasts' lane are maintained. According to the technical authorities, a safety distance of 20 m from the revolving rope has proven to be the minimum safety distance.

Can I use the Reed Islands as a floating dock?

No, the islands were designed as natural habitats and wave dampers and cannot be used as a floating dock.

How does the wave damping work at the wakepark?

The "anti-backwash" effect of the islands reduces the reflection of waves and thereby smooths the water surface. The strength of the Reed Islands lies particularly in wind waves and wave movements created by water sports enthusiasts (water skiers and wakeboarders).

What are other advantages of the Reed Islands?

The Reed Islands create a sanctuary for your natural aquatic habitats. Above and below the waterline.
The islands promote biodiversity, fish protection and help get nutrients out of your water.

They reduce the wave height when the uppermost water layer enters the islands and thus also offer positive effects for bank protection and the bank zone.

Which water sports enthusiasts benefit from the floating islands?

Water sports beginners and advanced users will feel the positive effect of the wave damping.

In what forms can the islands be arranged?

The modular structure allows you a 100% individual setup and arrangement in the wakepark. In this way, the islands can be perfectly adapted to your cableway layout.
If you need help with the perfect arrangement, our environmental engineers are happy to help.

Are the Reed Islands suitable for salt water?

Yes, the structure is resistant to salt water. We use special plants for salt water use.

The floating protection zone for your water body

Areas of application

  • Rivers

  • channels

  • Lakes

  • Reservoirs

  • Storage basin

  • Ponds

  • Retention basin

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