The opportunity for your own


A five tower wakeboard cable from the manufacturer Rixen Cableways.

The second hand cable is available for you...

...As it is

In the condition as it is, without any maintenance done. You can refresh the cable with us or with a third party mechanic.


In ready to spin condition with little upgrades.

What is included?

  • Startingramp

  • Operater stand

  • 5 x Tower

  • 5 x Footplate

  • 3 x Deflection arm

  • 3 x Deflection pulley bracket with deflection pulley

  • 1 x Tensioning unit (pulley bracket, pulley)

  • 1 x Drive boom with drive unit

  • 1 x Control cabinet with control panel

  • 7 x Carrier

  • ? x Pickup carrier

  • 1 x Spare parts NEW (carrier, fork ...)

  • 1 x tool set

who was the manufacturer of the cableway?

Our second hand cable is a Rixen Cableway. A German product created by Rixen the market leader in the cableway water sports sector.

Where was the cableway in operation before?

The cableway was previously in operation in Norway. We bought the cable  from the owner, dismantled it and sent it to our warehouse in Germany.

Where is the full-size cable stored at the moment?

The cableway is currently stored in Germany near the city of Tübingen.

What is the condition of the cableway?

The cableway was in operation in Norway until 2017. Unfortunately, the demand for wakeboarding in Norway was not cost-covering due to the prevailing temperatures and the low population, and operations had to be stopped. The mast and boom steel parts that were installed above the water level are in good condition. The same applies for the roller brackets, shafts and pulleys. The carrier and other moving parts have little wear due to the continuous professional maintenance and the short Norwegian seasons. The mast parts that were standing under water have the usual rust like every cable that is/was in operation. The drive unit needs a bit of love and maintenance. Maintenance should be carried out before operation. Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Was the cable previously operated in fresh water or salt water?

The cable was operated in a fresh water.

What is the advantage of a used cable?

The solid technology has proven that it works. Likewise the inexpensive solution for your own wakepark.

Electronic Box
control panel
Operator stand

Looking for a feature?
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 - 30% 

Our Wakeunion 'Barrier' is perfect to help riders perfect and add style to their ollies.
The barriers are made to be ollied over and the poles have been added for a little fun, they can be bonked, tweaked or smacked. An original and inexpensive option to switch it up and add some fun to your wakepark.

NEW 📍 Germany

in stock



 - 30% 

Jumps are an important part of all wakeparks. Our barrier jumps are perfect for beginners to practice their first jumps, and for advanced riders to enjoy bigger hair time and steep angles. Our barrier jumps are fun for everyone as they give more pop to tricks and can be hacked with various obstacles.

📍 Germany


L 5,7 x W 2,4 x H 0,9m

buy 6900€
*DEAL 4830€

Bump 3 sides

L 3,5 x W 2,3 x H 0,65m

buy 3700€
*DEAL 2590€


 - 30% 

📍  second hand, France, Toulouse

Leo’s Full Set

L 12 x W 5 x H 0,9m

Buy 19500€
*DEAL 13700€ 

single modul - 20% 

Leo’s Incline rail

L 6 x W 0,75 x H 0,75m

Buy 3900€
*Deal 3120€

Leo’s straight rail

L 6 x W 0,5 x H 0,7m

Buy 4200€
*DEAL 3360€

Leo’s Bump

L 4 x W 1,7 x H 0,5m

Buy 5900€
*DEAL 4720€

Leo’s Pole Jam A

L ? x W 0,2 x H 0,2m

Buy 1900€
*DEAL 1520€

Leo’s Pole Jam B

L ? x W 0,2 x H 0,2m

Buy 1900€
*DEAL 1520€


Pipe 750

 - 30% 

A pipe is a "MUST HAVE" on a wakepark.
The round contour offers potential for the development of many riders in a safe environment. The continuous round surface require good balance, helping your riders improve quickly.

📍 Germany

Pipe incline

L 6 x W 0,75 x H 0,75m

buy 3900€
*DEAL 2730€

Pipe strait

L 6 x W 0,75 x H 0,75m

buy 3300€
*DEAL 2310€

Pipe sidekink

L 1 x W 0,75 x H 0,75m

buy 1500€
*DEAL 1050€



 - 30% 

The evenly rounded contour of the pipe box allows riders to learn how to slide on a smooth continuous surface in a safe environment.

Our pipeboxes are interchangeable with one another. We have have many different heights, widths, side kinks, step ups and step downs available, giving you the opportunity to constantly expand this obstacle creating a versatile and attractive wakepark for your customers.


⊗ Flexible Setup
⊗ Round contour - Safe, minimising risk of injury
⊗ Many combinations possible

📍 Germany

We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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