Ecological balance with

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How can I improve my body of water?

Contact us for an initial consultation. We help you to tackle the problems with your water. If the lake ecosystem is not in equilibrium, fish deaths, plant overgrowth and stinking water can result. The aim here is to stabilize the water and restore equilibrium.

stone rollers

Bank protection

Secure your bank edge with our stone rollers. The cover of the rollers consists of a high-strength, UV-stabilized synthetic fiber reinforcement. The stone rollers are also suitable for building stairs for the exit area of your wakepark.

Stone mattress

The bank protection for heavy loads

Compared to rock fillings, significantly fewer armourstones are required. Thanks to the compact filling technology, the formation of larger cavities and the risk of rearrangements within the mattress are almost eliminated.

Coconut filter mats with reeds

The fast, inexpensive shallow water zone.

Not only protect your bank zone from wave loads, but also convert your shallow water zone into a natural water filter. Your body of water and the riders will thank you for it.

Bank reinforcement
Bank protection
Shallow water zone

A healthy and naturally designed bank zone is crucial for improving water quality through biological processes. It should also be designed to dampen waves for the wake park. Flat bank edges and embankments help here, as well as the right choice of plants. We are happy to help you with the renaturalization of your body of water.

Species protection

Habitats, protection zone for species and animals.

Habitat for fish

Fish and other aquatic animals find protected habitat under the islands

Water purification

The root system has a large surface. The basis for the highly productive biological processes of the microorganisms for water purification.

Floating islands


  • Species protection






Water quality - self cleaning power

What does self-cleaning power mean?

The actual water purification is the breakdown of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate and takes place in a networked system of different organisms.

How does the natural cleaning work?

Organisms cause the breakdown and conversion of organic matter into the original basic components. In many lakes, however, the basis for the formation of diverse structures is lacking.

Why doesn't this work at many wakeparks?

The waters for wakeparks are often arranged on artificial lakes.
The shallow water zone, which is extremely important for organisms and where a large part of the water purification takes place, is usually missing here. In any case, steep, sloping bank edges do not help with water purification and therefore do not contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

What do I have to do to support the self-cleaning power of my body of water?

The aim is to create a system that supports water-purifying principles. The first thing is to create growth areas for bacteria, animal and plant organisms. To strengthen the ecological balance, a wide variety of habitats in and around the lake must be created that are adequately dimensioned and accommodate a wide variety of species.

Only in this way can a complex structure and a strong ecological balance arise.

When is a system in ecological equilibrium?

A system is in ecological equilibrium if the state does not change without external disturbances.

What does this mean for my wakepark?

In our case, the system is the lake and the interference is wakeboarders and / or a large number of swimmers. The “smaller and younger” the lake, the more susceptible it is to disruptive influences, as the ecological balance has not yet stabilized here.

What happens if the ecological balance is not in balance?

If the ecological balance is not properly developed, this leads to an increased concentration of nutrients, which directly results in poor water quality and, in the worst case, can lead to algal blooms.

How do I know that my lake is out of balance?

Shallow depths of view and unclear water are the first indicators of the deteriorating ecological balance and should not be ignored.

What if I do nothing and ignore all signs?

The nutrients in the water will increase. Conversely, this means that plant growth will also increase. When point X is reached, the environmental agency will prohibit you from bathing and wakeboarding in your lake. This must be avoided.

Better safe than sorry.

Natural solutions for your wakepark

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