Coconut fabric

Coconut fabric or embankment fabric can be laid to secure the bank edge and stabilize and protect the bank from being washed away. The shore mat is also widely used for freshly laid earth walls and heaped slopes.
Rinsing off sediment is slowed down by the natural, chemically untreated coconut fiber.

Bank reinforcement for wakepark / lake

Pot ball planting is recommended on hydraulically loaded bank edge in order to additionally stabilize the bank edge and to fix it permanently and naturally after the plants have grown. The roots of the plants penetrate the natural ecological tissue and the riparian zone is less washed away by waves and disturbances.

Embrace Sustainable Landscaping with Coconut Erosion Protection!

When re-planting a slope, erosion control is key, especially on steep inclines or areas prone to landslides due to heavy rain. That's where our coconut fabric comes in! Known by various names like Coconut Slope Stabilization Fabric, Erosion Control Mats, or simply Coconut Nets, these products are a game-changer for slope and embankment protection. 


landscaping and erosion control

Coconut fabric is used in landscaping and erosion control in various applications to prevent soil erosion, improve soil structure, and promote plant growth.

Slope Stabilization

Coconut fabric is commonly used to stabilize slopes and embankments. It serves as erosion control material to protect the soil from rain and water runoff.


In the hydroseeding method, a mixture of seeds, fertilizers, mulch material, and water is sprayed onto the soil to promote vegetation. Coconut fabric is often used as part of this mixture to protect the soil and support seed germination.

Bank and Riverbank Stabilization

In areas with rivers or streams, coconut fabric is used to stabilize banks and riverbanks, preventing erosion.

Soil Improvement

Coconut fabric can be used as a soil conditioner. It promotes soil structure, improves water retention, and enhances plant root growth.

Beach Stabilization

In coastal areas, coconut fabric can be used to stabilize sand dunes and protect them from erosion caused by wind and water.

Forest Paths and Slopes

When creating paths in forests or on uneven terrain, coconut fabric can help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion along the paths.

Roadside Slope Protection

Coconut fabric is used along roadside slopes to minimize the impact of rain and water runoff on the soil, protecting the slopes.

The inexpensive bank reinforcement for your wakepark

Temporary Protection

Safeguard your slopes for 1-6 years during the critical establishment period.

Facilitates Growth

Allow vegetation to thrive through the fabric, ensuring a lush, green slope.

Versatile Application

Ideal for construction, landscaping, agriculture, and water management projects.

Instant Surface Erosion Protection

Shield your slope from erosion right from the start!

Fully Biodegradable

Our mats are environmentally friendly, leaving no trace behind.

Optimal Microclimate

Create a favorable environment for seed growth and optimal vegetation.

Wide Range of Applications

Perfect for civil engineering, landscaping, agriculture, and water management projects, our Coconut Erosion Control Mats are the go-to solution for sustainable and effective slope protection.


The use of coconut fabric in these applications helps minimize environmental impact, as it is a natural, biodegradable material that promotes ecological sustainability.

  • Material:

    100% coconut (natural fiber)

  • Roll width:

    1.0m or 2m wide

  • Roll length:

    50 m

  • Mesh size:

    approx. 15mm x 15mm

  • Coverage:

    approx. 60 to 67% of the subsoil

  • Weight:

    ca. 750g/m²

  • Application:

    natural erosion protection


Coconut fabric is quick and easy to install.
The fabric is brought to the required bank and rolled out. The fastening is carried out with wire brackets or wooden pegs. We recommend 3 to 5 ground anchors per m2, depending on the location. When laying several lengths of coconut fabric, we recommend an overlap of 10 to 20 cm in the direction of the lay of the waves.

Ready to make a positive impact on the environment?

Choose coconut erosion control for a greener, safer future!

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