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2.0 lander

Upgrade your wakepark with a smooth 2.0 feature and bring your transfers to a new level.

10% OFF*

*for all "2.0 Lander" orders
until 20.12.2023
The delivery costs
are excluded from the offer.

2.0 Kicker Lander

L 16 x W 2,4 x H 1m

was 17900€
*deal 16110€

2.0 wave lander

L 19,5 x W 2 x H 1,1m

was 20900€
*deal 18810€

Preorder 2023

Transformer V2

Kicker - Uppipe front - Uppipe back

Introducing our latest creation – the Transformer V2!
This set features a smooth kicker with Uprail front and Uprail back.
Three features: Many lines. ENJOY

Your transformer, Your Rules!

 10% OFF* 

*for all "Transformer" orders until 12.12.2023. The delivery costs are excluded from the offer.


L 3,8 x W 2,4x H 0,65m

was 4700€
*deal 4230€

Uppipe front

L 6 x W 0,6x H 1m

was 5900€
*deal 5310€

Uppipe back

L 8,25 x W 0,6 x H 1,2m

buy 7900€
*deal 7110€

transformer V2 - Set

L 14,25 x W 3 x H 1,2m

buy 18000€
*deal 16200€

Preorder 2023

Cone uppipe

L 8,3 x W 1,6 x H 0,9m

was 10900€
*deal 9810€

Cone Uppipe

Upgrade your wakepark with a safe round shape.

10% OFF*

*for all "cone uppipe" orders until 12.12.2023. The delivery costs are excluded from the offer.

in stock

NEW & second hand


Our Wakeunion 'Barrier' is perfect to help riders perfect and add style to their ollies.
The barriers are made to be ollied over and the poles have been added for a little fun, they can be bonked, tweaked or smacked. An original and inexpensive option to switch it up and add some fun to your wakepark.

NEW -30%

📍 south Germany

second hand -40%

Barrier 3x

L 1,7 x W 4 x H 0,4m

Buy 2100€
*Deal 1680€

Barrier 2x

L 2,5 x W 2 x H 0,5m

buy 2300€
*Deal 1380€

Bump Barrier 2x

L 1,4 x W 2 x H 0,25m

buy 1900€
*DEAL 1140€

📍 France, Toulouse

in stock



Jumps are an important part of all wakeparks. Our barrier jumps are perfect for beginners to practice their first jumps, and for advanced riders to enjoy bigger hair time and steep angles. Our barrier jumps are fun for everyone as they give more pop to tricks and can be hacked with various obstacles.

📍 Germany

 -30% OFF* 

📍 south Germany


L 5,7 x W 2,4 x H 0,9m

buy 6900€
*DEAL 4830€

Bump 3 sides

L 3,5 x W 2,3 x H 0,65m

buy 3700€
*DEAL 2590€

second hand


 -40% OFF* 

📍 France, Toulouse

Uppipe XXL - 3 x Barrier

L 8,2 x W 2,3 x H 1,35m

buy 8250€
*Deal 4950€

Bump - 3 x Barrier

L 1,7 x W 4 x H 0,4m

Buy 2100€
*Deal 1680€

Bump - 2 x Barrier

L 2,5 x W 2 x H 0,5m

buy 2300€
*Deal 1380€


L 1,4 x W 2 x H 0,25m

buy 1900€
*DEAL 1140€

Rent your features

New since 2023

Buy - Rent*


We offer flexible payment methods for your new water sport obstacles. You can choose between, Rent & Buy (3 yrs Rent with purchase option) or the classic direct purchase.

The principle of Rent & Buy :
A rental contract agreement is established over a three year period, with the possibility to purchase the water sport obstacle once the contract is complete. The purchase price of the obstacle is agreed when the rental contract is concluded.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries.


Installation / Transport

You have decided on a new water sports obstacle. The next step after ordering is for you to safely unload the truck at your place of water. We are happy to help you unload the truck and bring the obstacle safely into the water. Contact us if you need any help.

What material are the features made of?

The obstacle surface and all sliding surfaces of our feature are made of the thermal plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The sheets are joined together using an extrusion welding process. Thanks to the uniform sheet material (HDPE) with an identical coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal deformations are diverted in all directions and distortion caused by solar radiation is minimized. Our sliding surface is durable with the best riding properties and of course UV-resistant. In order to guarantee the highest quality of materials, we purchase our UV-resistant HDPE sheets from the German family company Ben Kunststoffe in Gomaringen. In order to achieve as few transitions as possible between the modules, we process panel sizes of 6x2 meters.

How does production work?

Our water sports features are three-dimensional bodies made of HDPE sheets.
The sheets are cut into the respective shape with a 5-axis CNC water jet cutting system with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. This gives us the opportunity to perfectly shape any shape and radius.

After cutting, the plastic sheets are stapled in the respective position and permanently connected by extrusion welding.
A strut construction made of HDPE is arranged in the obstacle, which stabilizes and stiffens the volume. At special impact points such as the incline, we add additional reinforcements to ensure long durability. High-quality XPS (rigid foam panels), which are fixed via the panel construction, serve as the float. For one piece features we fill out the entire feature with EPS foam.

Are there any screws on the obstacle?

No visible screws are placed on the surface of our obstacles. The sheets are permanently thermally connected with each other.

To minimize the point load and the risk of injuries caused by a crash, we optionally construct your obstacle using safety profiles.

How long are the delivery times?

The delivery times depend on the current order situation. At the moment you have to expect a delivery time of around 2 to 4 months. Except our pre-production obstacles. These are ready to be shipped.

Can I order special constructions or custom obstacles?

You want your wakepark to stand out from the crowd and stay unique?We are your perfect partner! Our production processes using 100% CNC cutting offer lots of possibilities! We will model your desired obstacle according to your ideas and advise you about further options.

Which obstacle is suitable for my wakepark?

A wakepark lives from the attractiveness and sensible arrangement of the obstacles. We will be happy to help you analyze the current situation at your wakepark and advise you on a target group-oriented design, taking into account the factors of cableway layout, water size, existing anchoring, current obstacle inventory and useful expansion options. For a consultation, a link to the Facebook profile of your wakepark is enough for us and we will analyze your setup using the images and videos uploaded there.

How are the features anchored?

For a professional and permanent attachment of the obstacles, the anchoring and choice of anchoring materials as well as the calculation of the anchor weights are decisive. On request, we will supply you with all the fastening materials and help you dimension the anchors correctly. The detailed calculation of the anchors is not included in the obstacle price and includes an analysis of the local conditions at your wakepark, including considering the wind and wave loads. For a sensible anchoring concept in the event of strong water level fluctuations and long wind swings, please contact our environmental and calculation engineers.

How are the obstacles set up?

We will deliver the modules for your obstacle to your wakepark via freight. For the delivery date you’ll need to provide a forklift that is able to be driven at your site as well as a spot where we can unload the truck. The obstacle modules are lifted into the water by forklift and secured against drifting. In the water the obstacle modules are permanently connected by screws inside of the obstacle. After connecting and a visual inspection of all connections, the obstacle can be anchored in your lake. If you have any questions about the anchorage, get in touch.

Can I have a look at the obstacles somewhere?

We would be delighted to welcome you to one of the wakeparks that we have delivered obstacles to. Send us a message with your location so we can let you know where the nearest one is located.

Can I leave the features inside the water during winter?

This strongly depends on your local conditions. There are no problems with calm waters. For larger lakes with strong ice, we recommend you to pull the obstacles out of the water before winter begins. However, by protecting the obstacles from the forces of nature, you will have more fun and they will last longer.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty covers normal use. Specifically, the use of the obstacles by water sports enthusiasts in a calm body of water.

What is excluded from warranty?

The warranty does not cover damages caused by wakeboard fins as well as damages caused by strong ice, high offshore conditions and storms.


We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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