HDPE for your wakepark

purchase large-format plastic sheets

If you wish, we can cut the HDPE sheets individually for you on our waterjet cutting machine. Contour cuts as well as smaller sheet formats are possible.

6 x 2,4 meter HDPE sheets - white - UV resistant

Large format sheets

The sheets specially produced for us. The HDPE sheets are UV-stabilized with a smooth surface for good sliding properties for water sports.

PRICES: How much are the HDPE sheets?
format m thickness mm price net
3 x 2,4 m 8 mm 240 €
6 x 2,4 m 8 mm 450 €
3 x 2,4 m 10 mm 290 €
6 x 2,4 m 10 mm 550 €
3 x 2,4 m 12 mm 340 €
6 x 2,4 m 12 mm 650 €

The prices are ex stock without shipping

Which formats and sheet thicknesses can I order?

Format size: 6 mx 2.4 m
Available material thicknesses: 12 mm and 10 mm and 8 mm

How can I order?

For an order send us the following information:
1. Delivery address
2. Number of sheets of the respective material thickness

We calculate the transport costs for you and send you an offer.

What is special about your HDPE sheets?

High resistance to salt water, corrosion, UV resistance and weather.

The sheets are UV stabilized for long-term resistance to sunlight. With our plastic sheets (HDPE), the color RAL 7035 (light grey) is added in the melting process in order to ensure the least possible heating from sunlight. The surface structure offers very good sliding properties.

The plastic sheets for your obstacles in water sports.

Which sheet thickness is suitable for my application at the wakepark?

Sliding surfaces (12mm)
The sliding surfaces of the obstacles should be as smooth and even as possible. The thicker a sheet is chosen, the fewer waves and irregularities it has in the sliding surface. We recommend the 12 mm sheet for this.
12 mm HDPE sheets are suitable for all sliding surfaces.

All-rounder (10mm)
The 10 mm sheet can be used either as a sliding surface or as an external cladding for the obstacles. The 10mm sheet is lighter and easier to handle than the 13 mm sheet.
10 mm sheets are the all-rounder suitable for almost all applications.

Side panels or curved contours (8mm)
The 8 mm thick sheets are suitable for the outer cladding of the obstacle. For example, you can replace old wooden plates on the side of the obstacle.
8 mm sheets are also suitable for curved contours

What can you do with the plastic sheets?

Repair your existing features in the setup, rebuild them or build new features for you. We offer an alternative for all those who are currently struggling with the budget, but still want to offer their riders high-quality features at the start of the season.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 40 m2 or 1500 euros.

What are the delivery times?

The earliest delivery will be in April 2021.

Gleitfläche für Absprung bei Videoproduktion

The XXL sheets in 6 x 2.4 meters give you many options to implement your project.

Efficient, fast, cheap

Waterjet cutting

We are happy to cut materials in sheet format as a contract manufacturing according to your requirements. For this we need drawings and DXF files of your components from you. If you are not familiar with the DXF format, our engineers can support you on an hourly rate and create the cutting data for you.

Thanks to modern water jet cutting technology, it is easy for us to produce your individual shape and contour cuts according to your wishes. You can choose from three material thicknesses (7 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm) in HDPE pure white. This ensures that the right plastic is available for your purpose. Other materials and colors on request.

Which sheet size is the maximum for our waterjet cutting system?

On our water jet cutting system, it is possible to produce parts up to a size of 6.0 x 2.4 meters. With a possible manufacturing tolerance of +/- 0.3mm.

How do I create cutting data for my features?

Preferably with a vector-based drawing program. 2D or 3D. We work with Autodesk Fusion 360 and can read most formats.

I cannot and do not want to construct 3D! Could you do that for me?

On an hourly basis of 100 euros, we can produce constructions or cutting data for you.

In which data format do you need the drawings?

We can process files in DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES format.

Welding wire HDPE - white - UV resistant

Welding wire

If you need suitable welding wires for your HDPE sheets, we also have 4mm welding wires on stock.


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