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Those who know their waters and their water parameters have a clear advantage. Changes in the lake can be identified early on before problems arise. Our environmental engineers will be happy to help you with questions about water quality and the crucial parameters that are crucial for your wakepark.

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Water analysis - water quality

Our water analysis enables you to have a crystal-clear view of your body of water without us being on site. The inexpensive alternative for everyone who likes to lend a hand. After the evaluation by our laboratory, you will receive comprehensive results on your water parameters and information about the condition of the water body. The results of the analysis are a basis for deciding whether further measures are necessary.

Laboratory test

  • Overview of the current state
  • Review of the limit values
  • Assessment based on the limit values

4 x laboratory test

  • Overview of the current state
  • Review of the limit values
  • Sampling per season (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

changes can be recognized at an early stage

On-site assessment


On-site overview of the current status and the limit values

  • Assessment of flora and fauna
  • Our recommendation for individual problems such as blue algae, brown algae, waterweed and extremely overgrown plants


The stability of a cableway depends on its subsurface. Our divers will help you check the subsurface of the lake, for example to find the perfect position for the cable car masts. In addition, slipping and breaking water edges can be detected at an early stage.

  • Oxygen profiles

  • Depth of view

  • Temperature profiles

  • Mud sample

Ufer- und Gewässeranalyse per Luftaufnahmen

Durch eine Bestandsaufnahme per Drohne können wir Euch helfen, den Ist- Zustand Eures Gewässers und Ufers festzuhalten und mögliche Lösungen zu bewerten. Mit diesem Verfahren können wir Wasserpflanzenausbreitungen, abbrechende Uferkanten und Wellenbewegungen dokumentieren und bewerten. Dies bietet die beste Grundlage für Lösungen zur Ufersicherung und späteren Gestaltung der Flachwasserzone für die natürliche Gewässerreinigung.

How does the laboratory test work?

We will send you a container with preservation solution. You take the water sample from your lake and send the filled vessel back to us by express delivery. We analyze your sample in our laboratory and you will receive an overview of your water parameters.

Who is the laboratory test for?

Would you like to know whether your water values are in the limit range?
Then the quick test is the right choice.

Why 4x laboratory test?

With the 4 x rapid test package, we offer you one sampling per season, i.e. a total of four samples per year.
This gives you the best basis for continuously assessing your lake and recognizing dangers at an early stage. This simple and inexpensive solution enables you to always know the water-relevant values in order to be able to react promptly. In the second year you can even use your values from the previous year for a comparison. In this way, problems and changes can be identified and remedied at an early stage.

Which parameters are checked?

All important water parameters such as ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, acid capacity (carbonate hardness) and water hardness. Further parameters can be checked at the customer's request.

How can the water sample be taken from the lake?
  1. You need a vessel in which the water sample can be filled. A plastic water bottle with a volume of approx. 200 ml that can be hermetically sealed is suitable as a vessel.
  2. Hold the vessel in your body of water.

  3. Fill the vessel about three feet below the surface with the water you want to examine. Note! It is crucial that there is no more air in the vessel. To do this, you have to screw the lid onto your vessel under water.

  4. Send your water sample expressly to us in the laboratory on the same day.
    Note! Make sure that the water sample is not heated and comes to us as soon as possible in order to get the most exact results.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

Who is the water bed analysis suitable for?

For everyone who would like to get an overview of the subsurface of their lake.

Also for everyone who wants to position a tower or anchor in the water. The sinking depth of the masts can be estimated, for example, by measuring the sludge level.

How deep can you dive?

A depth of up to 15 meters is no problem for our divers. Acceptable visibility is a prerequisite for meaningful diving.

What is the maximum dive time per mission?

The maximum diving time per day is two hours per diver. If you are planning a more extensive deployment, the number of diving personnel can be increased.

What does the dive cost?

With this service, we work with a flat-rate fee plus travel expenses.
If you need an offer for a diving assignment, please send us the location and a few keywords for information or give us a short ring.

Do you also offer other diving services?

Our divers are also happy to carry out other services for you.
Examples include checking the anchor ropes, submerged tower parts and anchors with attachment points.
For further individual inquiries, send us a short message.

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We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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