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Well-trained employees are the basis of safe and profitable wakepark operations. We train your team in the operation of the cableway in order to recognize dangerous situations and solve them confidently, to carry out maintenance work on the system and to rectify malfunctions. Further training content is teaching customers in daily operations and the sensible arrangement of obstacles.

Our training service

We train your employees to optimize the operation of the cableway, to adhere to the maintenance intervals, to reduce operational disruptions to a minimum, to teach competently and to increase the fun of the ride through well-positioned obstacles.

We show your employees what is important

Cableway operation

It is often difficult for new employees to operate the cableski safely and confidently, especially in stressful situations. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can impart tips and tricks to your boys and girls in order to routinely carry out and optimize the cableway operation in customer operations, avoid dangerous situations and shorten the waiting times of your customers.

Daily cableway maintenance

A well-adjusted cableway is the heart of your company. Technical problems therefore have a major impact on the operational process and the mood of your customers and employees.

If ropes frequently fall out of the magazine, carriers do not pick up the ball ropes, handels slip out of the control station or the elevator dropes ropes, action is required. We will show you how to fix errors yourself and we will work out concepts with you so that maintenance can be carried out independently by your employees in the future.

Operational disruptions

In the event of operational disruptions, quick and professional action is essential. Classic scenarios such as vacations, a full starting dock and a machine that can no longer be started are known to our service hotline. Here it is important to keep a cool head in order to find errors and fix them quickly.

We'll show you tips and tricks to identify frequently occurring malfunctions so that the downtimes of the cableski are reduced to a minimum and operations can be resumed quickly.

Water sports instructor

Good water sports instructors see the customers' difficulties and can respond individually to their needs with clear instructions.

We train your employees to become professional water sports instructors who convey complex issues successfully and easily. In addition, we train your team on safety-related topics such as how to behave in an accident situation.

Obstacle setup

Obstacles are an important part of every wakepark. They generate new customers and offer the opportunity to address a further target group. The choice of obstacles is crucial. However, how attractive your wakepark is to customers is not just about the shape and size of an obstacle, but also the positioning and alignment. We show you the possibilities of how you can design your obstacle setup in a modular and variable way and help you design a target group-specific obstacle layout.

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We are a team of manufacturer-independent engineers, cableway mechanics, operators, water sports instructors and passionate wakeboarders. We are happy to help with all questions about your wakepark.

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