Bump Barrier

The wakeunion "Bump Barrier" is perfect for your 2.0 wakepark or your fullsizecable. The bump can be used by your riders like a short kicker with a jump angle of 20 degrees. The poles can optionally be bonked or skipped.

With its width of two meters and the wide passage between the two bollards supplied, which are offset in height with a height of 75 centimeters and 100 centimeters, the "Bump Barrier" is also suitable for beginners. You have the option of mounting or not mounting the two poles. Compared to the barriers available on the market, which are made of PE sheets only, the area exposed to wind is significantly smaller by replacing the HDPE sheet with the poles, which means that the material stress is reduced and you can enjoy the bump barrier even longer. The risk of injury is also minimized by using the flexible polyurethane-rubber mixture.


    The feature is suitable for the following riders at your wakepark:

    smile smile smile       PRO
    smile smile smile smile smile   INTER
    smile smile smile smile     ROOKIE


  • Wakepark Terrain

    The obstacle is suitable for the following wakeparks:

    smile smile smile smile     FSC
    smile smile smile smile smile   2.0


  • Dimensions

    The obstacle has the following dimensions:

    L 2,5 x W 2 x H 0,5m

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