This feature is suitable for a wide group of riders. Thanks to the evenly rounded surface contour, riders can learn a smooth slide using the safety profile of the feature. We will constantly expand this obstacle with further adaptive modules in order to give you the opportunity to keep your wakepark attractive for your customers for years. Stay tuned for all the new stuff in 2022.

Why is our pipebox better than the pipes known on the market?

Our pipe is wider and more flexible in its arrangement than the models known on the market. The additional width and the even, massive curve minimize the risk of injury for the rider. We have also reduced the number of transitions through our XXL raw material panels.

Each module has a total length of at least 6 meters. Kinkmodules have a total length of 7 meters. Our outer contour on the surface and the sides of the obstacle has no welding transitions and was rolled out of one piece (HDPE sheet). With the elimination of weld seams, a weak point of features is also eliminated. Due to its special design, the Pipebox does not need counter swords with weights and floats more stable than any completely round pipe.

You can also use the vertical sides of the Pipebox as advertising space that is not stressed by the riders.


    The feature is suitable for the following riders at your wakepark:

    smile smile smile       PRO
    smile smile smile smile smile   INTER
    smile smile smile       ROOKIE


  • Wakepark Terrain

    The obstacle is suitable for the following wakeparks:

    smile smile smile smile smile   FSC
    smile smile smile smile smile   2.0


  • Dimensions

    The obstacle has the following dimensions:

    L 19 x W 1 x H 0,7m

Pipebox incline low

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,7m

Pipebox incline high

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,9m

Pipebox strait low

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,7m

Pipebox strait high

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,9m

Pipebox sidekink low

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,7m

Pipebox sidekink high

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,9m

Pipebox stepup

L 6 x W 1 x H 0,9m

flexible arrangement

⊗ curved contour ⇔ minimized risk of injury

⊗ many combinations

⊗ made of XXL HDPE panels

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