Rainbow Barrier

The Rainbow Barrier is suitable for your fullsizecable. It is a combination of slide and kicker for your wakepark. The entrance is located 20 centimeters below the water surface and has an obtuse angle. This allows less experienced riders a smooth entrance into the feature that does not require an ollie. Experienced riders can ollie the entrance and experience the combination of ollie and slide.

The smooth transition helps with the controlled slide and jump.

At the end of the obstacle a pole with adjustable angle is screwed, which can also be removed. Depending on their riding level, your riders can either tap the pole after the slide over the curved contour when jumping off the obstacle or jump over the curved part of the feature directly from the incline and only bonk the pole at the end.


    The feature is suitable for the following riders at your wakepark:

    smile smile smile       PRO
    smile smile smile smile smile   INTER
    smile smile smile smile     ROOKIE


  • Wakepark Terrain

    The obstacle is suitable for the following wakeparks:

    smile smile smile smile smile   FSC
    smile           2.0


  • Dimensions

    The obstacle has the following dimensions:

    L 6,5 x W 1,2 x H 1m

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